Heriberto "Eddie" Palacio III

Visual Artist


Artist Bio


     Palacio is an Afro Hispanic who is also apart of the LGBT community and identifies as a pansexual man. He was born and raised in Bronx, New York until his family relocated to Atlanta, GA during his high school years, giving him an introduction to southern culture. Palacio has gone on to study at Tennessee State University in Nashville, TN earning his BFA in Art and is continued his education at Watkins College of Art in Nashville, TN earning his MFA in Visual Arts in 2020..

Artist Statement


     Heriberto “Eddie” Palacio III (B. 1994) is a multidisciplinary Artist that explores human relations and awareness through research that investigates social constructs, masculinity, gender studies, emotional intelligence, and African American studies. His exploratory studio work consists of different mediums that prioritizes audience’s interpretation of context over the aesthetic of medium specificity. This allows him the freedom to create without emphasis on the medium as a catalyst for his ideas. He investigates how to relate to society through the use of pop culture motifs while still contemplating the relationship between commercial art to academic art and how that affects the delivery of his work to his audience. 


      Palacio investigates his interests through research on how relationships amongst individuals or a group influence emotional competency and expression. He continues to explore the value of emotional intelligence in various communities and how to acknowledge and potentially repair relationships within them using this research and his studio practice. His larger utopian goal is to raise awareness of the need for emotional intelligence so that marginalized communities are better equipped to build relationships between peers through art for the betterment of our social relationships. This goal is meant to be open ended, having no true resolution, but taking steps toward healing communities in the long-run. 

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